First 10K Race (in a really long while)

Tomorrow I will be joining my first 10K. DocFit at UP, organized by RUNRIO. I'm excited!

It's not really my first, first. I ran my first 10K in high school, the San Miguel 10K Classic. The route was very simple. It was just along Roxas Boulevard. I have a picture but I'm too lazy to scan and post it. I was wearing the UPIS Track Team singlet over a shirt and light blue Adidas running shoes. :) My dad took that picture just as I exited the finish line chute.

It's amazing how better prepared I am for tomorrow's run than I was that time I ran in high school. I don't think I was running 10K in my training then. I think I just joined that race just because I wanted to challenge myself. Hahaha!

I wonder how things will go tomorrow. My goal is just to finish happy and with breath left to talk.

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