Truly Exciting Home Concerns (Heehee)

Now that I am back to working from home, I have more time to attend to household stuff. Right now I am cleaning up my work space and sifting through a year's worth of clutter. Ack! Unbelievable all the junk we bring home from work or from the mall. Receipts, flyers, printouts, clever mailers, toiletry samples... even pens we inadvertently pocketed after signing something (come on, I'm sure that happens to you too!).

I found a ziploc containing two tea bags I must've brought to work at one time. I was delirious with joy when I brewed one and it turned out to be my favorite, orange-y flavored tea. The tea bag is nude and unlabeled and I had thought initially that it's called orange pekoe but upon checking wiki, I learned that orange pekoe refers to the grade of the tea leaves and not the flavor. Now I don't know what flavor tea it is. And I have no way of knowing (unless I can find someone who can sniff the last tea bag and tell me).

Sorry for the long intro. I have said in a previous post that I am part Russian in that I love long stories. Haha.

So anyway... aside from cleaning up my work space, I have also been thinking about our daily meals. The only meal we definitely have at home is breakfast. We don't eat beef nor pork. We have fish often and chicken occasionally. We eat a lot of veggies and fruits.

Breakfast is my main concern. I've noticed that it usually consists of something fried -- dried squid, danggit, daing na bangus -- all fried, including the eggs (scrambled, sunny side up, omelette). Although we only use coconut oil (that we make from scratch, and which is known to be good for the heart), it's making me uncomfortable that we are so dependent on frying to make our breakfasts. The only time we don't have fried breakfasts is when we have bread, but then we slather on the butter!

I will scour the net now for breakfast ideas that don't require frying. Will share with you my finds. If you have any suggestions, they are most welcome.

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