Running Log: Nike Running Clinic @Fort; 20 Feb

Tired. :) Happy tired. Not because of the run but because it's late. I want to hit the sack already. Right after this.

We just took it easy today because Coach Rio knows that most of us will be joining RUNew this Sunday. I'm doing 5k.

So today, it was just 1.2k warm-up and 8x800m or 6.4k for the main run. Easy pace. Coach Jo-Ar kept reminding me to go slower. I think I get affected by the runners in front of me. I kinda get pulled to follow the same pace. Bad for me because I was right behind the group 1 boys, the fastest guys in the clinic. Ack. They even overtook me on their last round. Haha.

The nice thing too about today's clinic is that Sandy and I got to chat with Coach Jo-Ar about the running careers of our coaches. I got to High Street early so I had time to just sit around and chat while waiting for people to arrive.

We are privileged to be trained by bemedalled runners. Most of them were national record holders in their time. Wow. That's why I cringe when some of the new people in the clinic make fun of the Visayan accents of some of the coaches. We haven't earned the right (and will probably not ever) to poke fun at these guys. Anyway. That's just how I feel about that.

We had a good run but you can really feel that summer is upon us. My shirt was so heavy with sweat. Haha.

After the clinic, I bumped into my friend Grace while I was waiting for C and the three of us ended up at Brothers Burger. I had their chicken fajita burger. YUMMY!!! And after that, I tried the frozen yogurt at Hobbes. Super YUMMY again!!! I will be back for that next week.

For now, need to sleep. Need to get good rest for Sunday's run. Sharing with you a picture of the sunset sky at The Fort. Took this just before I changed into running gear. Don't you just love sunset skies?


Anonymous said...

5k? Breathless! Run it like a dog was after you, mcn...

GINA said...

Wow, galing. Imagine, getting trained by these running champions. I'm praying to have that kind of opportunity soon. =)

Brothers Burger!!! I love!! Now, I'm hungry. Haha.

weckl said...

you've no business running 5k lol. i think you can actually run with the first batch already. lately i've been having a hard time keeping up with your pace. you're more than ready for the condura 21k. :-)

makes coffee nervous said...

hi anon! yes i was breathless. i think i went way too fast. not good. i should've paid more mind to my own pace. besides, i'm not competing. i just really want to finish alive. :)

gina, yeah... they're really so cool. very humble too. that's why it's difficult to miss any of the clinics. the least one can do is be committed and enthusiastic. basta, cool sila super!

weckl, you're dreaming. i am so far from being able to do the condura 21k. i don't even think i can walk the 21k. hahaha! will just cheer you on.

Anonymous said...

i meant that for tomorrow's race, mcn.... enjoy it :)

makes coffee nervous said...

oh! hahaha! silly me. thanks, anon! will certainly enjoy it. i think aside from the running part, the overall atmosphere of a race is something to be enjoyed. and post-race breakfast! yippee!

run well too, anon, if you are joining RUNew or any other race!

Anonymous said...

24:42 guess ko sa 5k time RUNew :)

makes coffee nervous said...

hello anon! sorry to disappoint... i'm far from that time. no official time yet but i think i clocked 28mins plus. my pr is 28:15, from Happy Run.

one of the coaches told me that the top female for 5k clocked in at 25 plus. :)

but thanks for thinking i could do 24. i wish... someday! :)

Anonymous said...

for a course that isn't flat, 28 minutes is pretty decent :)

makes coffee nervous said...

hi anon! thanks! happy to just finish with some breath left. :)