Our Journey To Rafa

Last Saturday, December 1, we dedicated Rafa to the Lord.

We had the dedication at the UP Church of the Risen Lord, the church and garden where C and I got married almost 13 years ago.

December 1 also happens to be our 17th anniversary as boyfriend-girlfriend.

We had our family and friends who were a big part of our journey these past three years.

We wish to give God all the glory and honor. For without Him, we wouldn't have this sweet little boy now. As C says in our video testimony, we wouldn't have come out of our four miscarriages not bitter had the Lord not held us through it all.

All glory and honor and praise be unto Jesus!

And to you, my dear blog reader, thank you for sharing in our journey. For reading, praying and sending in your encouragement. Thank you for being there. I pray that whatever situation you are in, that you will see and feel the loving presence of God in your life.