Happy first birthday, Rafa!

This will be short and probably not so coherent as we are in Singapore at the time of this writing and really exhausted from squeezing in so much in just four days. But I know I have to write something to mark this important day.

As I was putting Rafa to sleep tonight, I thought about how my love for him has increased (if that is even possible!) now that he is one. I am re-learning that love isn't steady and that it increases in intensity over time.

I am amazed at this because I probably feared my love and interest in Rafa would wane or settle into a comfortable plateau as the "novelty" of having a "new" child wore off. I'm saying this because I'm the type of person who gets all excited about a new toy, hobby, food or place, only to grow tired of it after a few weeks or months. I know... How can I compare Rafa to a toy?

It's difficult to explain so I won't. I just know that my love for this little boy has grown with him. And I am so thankful to God for trusting us to be his parents.

I am overjoyed and filled to the brim with love and gratitude.


Also, when I lay him down on the bed, he squirmed and crawled towards me and finally settled on my chest. I thought about how long it will be till he won't want to sleep on my chest anymore. And this got me reflecting on my own relationship with my Father in heaven. If I, a human parent, with so any flaws, so long for my son's affection and closeness, how much more does God long for me to draw near to Him?!

Oh what joy it must bring our Father when we His children draw near and love Him.