The Reformation of Scar

Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.
Psalm 119:105 ESV

A few weeks ago we watched The Lion King with Rafa. He loved the movie and we felt he could relate to a lot of the messages of the movie. Suddenly he was even more affectionate towards C and obeyed right away. Yay! Haha. 

We could tell also how he disliked Scar, Simba's evil uncle.

Since watching The Lion King, Rafa has been obsessed with us being a pride of lions. Every morning, he would ask me, "Mama, are we a pride of lions?" "Mama, am I your lion cub?" "Mama, are you going to hunt today?"

Last night C noticed that Rafa had stationed one of his toy lions on top of an open page of his illustrated bible. 

C asked him what was going on. 

He then explained that that lion was Scar and that Scar was bad. He put Scar on top of the bible so that Scar could read God's Word and be changed by it. He said by reading God's Word, Scar could become good. 

He also added that God disciplines those whom He loves and that God will discipline Scar so Scar could be good. 


C explained to Rafa that Scar was a sinner like all of us, that's why he needs Jesus. And that if Scar believes and follows Jesus, Scar will be transformed through the Holy Spirit by the reading of His Word. 

We bring Rafa to Sunday School every Sunday. Yesterday he was able to sit through most of the teaching but he kept fidgeting and bugging his seat mate. I just kept praying that he would learn something. 

So it was a surprise and quite an encouragement when I learned of his little Scar scene. 

Part of the Sunday School lesson yesterday dealt with God's discipline. 

I'm so thankful that Rafa is learning about God more and more. 

It's also a reminder for me that even when he seems to not be paying attention, he actually is. My responsibility is to just keep praying and teaching. God will be the one to touch Rafa's heart. 

Thank You, Lord, for teaching us and loving us. May we be faithful in trusting and obeying.