Giving at Two

It's been a really really long time.

I just had to post this because to me, this is really a major milestone. Well, there have been many major milestones but this one I don't ever want to forget.

While I was pregnant with Rafa, we prayed for specific traits for him. Fear and love of God, kindness, courage, love for country, intelligence and good looks. Hahaha.

The other night, I really thanked the Lord for giving Rafa a kind heart.

My parents came over for dinner. My mom gave him some snacks (she's his gluten-free snack supplier) and we allowed him to have some of the veggie loops after dinner. He loved them. After munching on a few handfuls, I told him he was eating the last batch and that he'd have them again the next day.

He looked at his bowl and saw just one last veggie loop. He picked it up and gave it to my mom. Without any prompting from any of us. I asked my mom to take it. She held it in her fingers and Rafa kept telling her to eat it.

"Eat it, Lola Susan! Eat it!"

We realized it was torture for him to see that last piece still in my mom's fingers. Too much torture that he had his hands covering his mouth and when my mom teased him with the last piece, he drooled. Hahahaha.

My mom asked him if he wanted it and he still kept saying "Eat it! Eat it!". Poor boy.

Finally my mom handed him back the last piece and he popped it into his mouth right away.

It was so heartwarming to see him decide to give away something so precious to him (we don't really give him a lot of snacks so these little treats are big things for him).

I pray for more of those moments in his life.

Sorry I'm a bit rusty. I don't know if this entry is making any sense at all. I just wanted to record it before I forget.

Will TRY to write more!!