Boo Nestle

Our household has been Nestle-free for more than 5 years now.

Read here to find out why Nestle should be boycotted.

When I was still working in UNICEF, we were going around some health centers and a community health worker remarked that some parents in poor communities are deluded into thinking that by giving their babies infant formula instead of breast milk, they are giving them better nutrition. Many of them go into debt just to buy the very expensive infant formula, when the best nutrition for their babies (breast milk) is actually free.

So when you buy your Halloween trick or treat goodies this year, do consider what the Boo Nestle blog has to say.


This made me smile today.

Isn't she just so lovely and happy? :D I love rolled up pants.

It's a rainy day here today and everything feels so fresh and clean.

Happy Friday everyone! xoxo

Photo from thesartorialist.


Happiness Is...

an onion and tomato omelette. With some dried danggit (dried salted fish) and warm brown rice.

Lately I've been making my meals. Our helper can't seem to get the proper taste so I've been cooking more. Good therapy and yummy eats!

I'm thankful for these little simple pleasures.


A Timely Word

Proverbs 15:23 - "A man finds joy in giving an apt reply - and how good is a timely word!"

I've been having trouble writing a proper post. So many things to say, a lot of sadness at times and I just can't get to write about it. Sadness mainly because a good friend told me I was fat. Haha.

Last night I got this text from a client:

"Sorry for late text, just pleased to say the dress and top fit me really well! Thanks! :)"

It was timely and such a blessing.

The part about work that I am most challenged with is following up payments. Oh how I hate it and wish so dearly that someone could do it for me. And lately the unpaid accounts have been piling up and I am struggling with follow-up. And I have to do it or else what is the point of this business, right?

Well, I have to really brace myself and be diligent in getting paid. But last night, getting that text from a client, it just really encouraged me so much.

Payments fill the cash box and allow me to pay the staff and fuel the business. Compliments for a job well done fill the heart and inspire one to keep at it.


Why I Want To Be A Mom (Reason #1)

So I can make this cool Halloween craft to entertain my daughter/son:

Martha Stewart Craft Of The Day here.



If Scout could talk, she'd tell me that all the time. :) Stop worrying and relax. :)