Pregnancy Adventure Update

Not pregnant this cycle.

We'll try for a December baby then. :)

I have a friend who's six weeks pregnant but who might also have a blighted ovum. How sad. I was so excited for her. And how distressing that having a blighted ovum is such a common occurrence. A friend who is also trying to conceive (through IUI or intra-uterine injections) just had her fourth IUI and still no success. She knows a lot of girls too who are unsuccessful at conceiving or having healthy pregnancies.

We were wondering why all these things are cropping up so frequently now. She was thinking... could it be cellphones? Because that's one technology that is so rampant and directly affecting this generation of mothers-to-be. Oh I don't know what to think anymore.

All I know is that we will try again to conceive this cycle and pray it's a healthy pregnancy. Not sure yet if we'll go for another round of LIT. I wish I didn't have to.

My friend told me that maybe I'm not willing to go through all the "hassles" because I don't want it that much. I think that's true. It would be nice to have kids. But I'm just not willing to put stuff in my body that may someday create problems for the kids I'll be having.

I get scared when pregnant women tell me about hormone injections and other stuff they are made to take so the pregnancy would hold up. I don't want that for my baby. I don't like anything forced. I'm more inclined to support the idea that a healthy pregnancy will thrive on its own, without much meddling from drugs and other whathaveyous.

So there.

P.S. Going for a perm today. That's one of the things I promised I'd do if I'm not pregnant this cycle. That and eat tuna sashimi. Haha.


The No Update Post

No update on the pregnancy adventure. We still don't know if this is Prego episode 3. I do hope we'll find out soon. I hate waiting. I'm okay to try again. No rush. Haha. Just want to know. Also, the getting pregnant bit seems to be the easy part for us. What's scarier is what happens after.

The blood test result isn't so encouraging. There's some change but not the level that'll make the immunologist tell us we're okay to try.

Honestly I'm getting tired of doing things to help the pregnancy along. You know what I mean? It just feels too forced and unnatural.

I do want to continue acupuncture because it's the only thing I'm doing now that feels good and that seems to relax me.

I wrote C an email a few minutes ago, encouraging him to relax about his big presentation tomorrow. He's still in the office now working on it. It's a really BIG thing because he'll be presenting to the head of Asia-Pacific. I think. So anyway, he's been working at this for many weeks. Working really hard. I told him that he has done his part and now it's time to leave room for God to work.

That's how I feel too about this trying-to-have-a-baby thing. I don't want to force it. I'm tired of helping it along. We've done what we should and it's time now to leave room for God to work the miracle.

Last Sunday we watched a late screening of Alice In Wonderland and when we were walking from the car to our house, I told C that it still is fun just being two. I wouldn't mind it if baby-making doesn't work. I just don't want to put all thought and effort into that one task anymore. Enough.

Time to leave room for God to work His miracle. Whether it's a plus one or just two.


Mc Macaron a Paris

Now at your neighborhood Paris Mc Cafe. How cool is that. Supplied by Laduree, so it should be good! Bon appetit, ma cheri!



The feel of this song kinda fits our weather here today. Sunny with scattered rainshowers. :)

Linen Lust

How beautiful is this set?!

Ink bed collection by John Robshaw.

My friend knows Mr. Robshaw and she says he studied for many years in India, learning about dyeing and fabric printing techniques. This guy knows his fabric. And he's a cutie too! I was kinda hoping my friend would end up with him. :) I'll settle for these bedroom linens anytime.


Ancient Of Days by Ron Kenoly

This speaks to my heart today. When I am reminded of how big God is, I am overwhelmed and humbled. I feel so overly blessed that He chose for me to believe in Him. Everything else is just a bonus.

A Year In The Life: 10 March

One of the first things we did when we moved in to this house 10 years ago was spray paint our bedroom windows for privacy and artsy. I love how the colors change brightness with the morning light to afternoon light.

Been soooo busy. Praying to find an affordable yet accessible space we can rent soon. We need to move the shop from our ground floor to a REAL space.

Oh I also had blood extracted last week. Results should be out this week. Hopefully acceptance levels have improved. My "classmate" in the LIT sessions is now in her 13th week and the immunologist said she can "graduate" from the therapy. We had the same unchanged results in our first blood test. But doc says everything's okay. So happy for her!


A Year In The Life: 5 March

Monstrous EDSA Friday traffic. Had to brave this yesterday. I usually bring a snack. I know some people who deal with this every morning and who eat their breakfast (rice!!!) and put on makeup in this S L O W crawl.


What's In My Basket

I snuck a trip to the mall this morning while waiting for covered buttons to be finished.

I bought these:


This exact combo: Lavender Shampoo and Rosemary Conditioner

Aloe Vera Deodorant Stick

Trying to clean out my daily toiletries again from stuff that have parabens and other baaaaddd ingredients. In case I'm pregnant or for when I get pregnant.

I haven't had time to blog. Used to be daily, no? Been swamped since the new sewer started and the only time I have to write is in the evening when work is done. But I've been told by the acupuncturist to sleep early!!! And I really should. So lately I've really been sleeping early and not having time to go online at night.

The only reason I'm still up and able to write here is because it was too damn warm tonight I just had to take a long shower. So now I'm drying my hair as I write here and catching up on my favorite fashion posts. 

Tomorrow morning I get to sneak in some pool time before I have to buy fabric, pickup C and go for blood extraction for LAT. Hope you are all having a swell week. 

Sheila, if you are reading this, I wish you guys a respite from the cold spell. Come and visit Manila and enjoy all this glorious summer sunshine! :D

A Year In The Life: 2 March



Busy, busy, busy. Happy, happy, happy. :)