The No Update Post

No update on the pregnancy adventure. We still don't know if this is Prego episode 3. I do hope we'll find out soon. I hate waiting. I'm okay to try again. No rush. Haha. Just want to know. Also, the getting pregnant bit seems to be the easy part for us. What's scarier is what happens after.

The blood test result isn't so encouraging. There's some change but not the level that'll make the immunologist tell us we're okay to try.

Honestly I'm getting tired of doing things to help the pregnancy along. You know what I mean? It just feels too forced and unnatural.

I do want to continue acupuncture because it's the only thing I'm doing now that feels good and that seems to relax me.

I wrote C an email a few minutes ago, encouraging him to relax about his big presentation tomorrow. He's still in the office now working on it. It's a really BIG thing because he'll be presenting to the head of Asia-Pacific. I think. So anyway, he's been working at this for many weeks. Working really hard. I told him that he has done his part and now it's time to leave room for God to work.

That's how I feel too about this trying-to-have-a-baby thing. I don't want to force it. I'm tired of helping it along. We've done what we should and it's time now to leave room for God to work the miracle.

Last Sunday we watched a late screening of Alice In Wonderland and when we were walking from the car to our house, I told C that it still is fun just being two. I wouldn't mind it if baby-making doesn't work. I just don't want to put all thought and effort into that one task anymore. Enough.

Time to leave room for God to work His miracle. Whether it's a plus one or just two.

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