What's In My Basket

I snuck a trip to the mall this morning while waiting for covered buttons to be finished.

I bought these:


This exact combo: Lavender Shampoo and Rosemary Conditioner

Aloe Vera Deodorant Stick

Trying to clean out my daily toiletries again from stuff that have parabens and other baaaaddd ingredients. In case I'm pregnant or for when I get pregnant.

I haven't had time to blog. Used to be daily, no? Been swamped since the new sewer started and the only time I have to write is in the evening when work is done. But I've been told by the acupuncturist to sleep early!!! And I really should. So lately I've really been sleeping early and not having time to go online at night.

The only reason I'm still up and able to write here is because it was too damn warm tonight I just had to take a long shower. So now I'm drying my hair as I write here and catching up on my favorite fashion posts. 

Tomorrow morning I get to sneak in some pool time before I have to buy fabric, pickup C and go for blood extraction for LAT. Hope you are all having a swell week. 

Sheila, if you are reading this, I wish you guys a respite from the cold spell. Come and visit Manila and enjoy all this glorious summer sunshine! :D


Sheila Armstrong said...

Today was actually a lovely day, high 50's. So keep thinking those good thoughts for us chilli Texans.

Sheila Armstrong said...

We had a lovely 64 degrees in West Texas today. Thanks for the good thoughts. hope your treatments are going well.

makescoffeenervous said...

oooohhh... that's still brrrrr for me!!! hahaha! that's the sort of temp we have in Baguio, the Philippines' "summer capital".


glad you are having warmer days! the sun is the Lord's way of lifting our moods, don't you think? :)

still waiting for blood test results. praying there's some progress. thank you for the good thoughts and prayers!!!