Oh Pinterest

We finally found a kind and reliable nanny to help me with Rafael.

So now I have a bit of time to surf the net. I try to avoid it but almost always I end up in Pinterest. Talk about time suckage.

And the things I want to make! Citrus and mint ice cubes! First I have to buy a really nice ice tray.

Paper mosaics. First I have to buy good watercolor paper and good watercolor.


P.S. Is there anyone reading this blog still? Do say hi! Gets lonely sometimes. Haha.


I was putting Rafa to sleep earlier and he was being fussy. I said our morning prayer, thanking the Lord for the day, and thanking Him for entrusting Rafa to us. I weep every time I say this prayer.

I am so thankful for this sweet little boy. What a miracle.

And when he's being difficult, I just remember all the things we went through... the journey to him... and I am renewed and thankful once more.

Rafael Vito, you are loved. I hope you know that.


Rockin' N Rollin'

Oh my. Rafa has recently become an expert at rolling onto his tummy. That's all he wants to do now.

So now it's such a challenge to put clothes on him after a bath. Look at the little roller in these photos:


This morning at 3:30am, I awoke to his sounds. He wasn't crying. Just trying to crawl on his belly. He was able to do a 360-degree turn in between me and C. He just loves being on his tummy and exploring. I'm sure he can't wait to be more mobile so he can explore more. 


Memory Bank #2

How wonderful it feels when Rafa sleeps on my chest. He used to be so small and light.

Memory Bank #1

Rafa's little big toe and how it looks like a fat lima bean.