Back To The 80s Friday

Something from my childhood. :)

Have great Friday everyone!!!


The Fruit Garden

This was our breakfast last Sunday. Focaccia bread from Bizu and this mango lavender jam from The Market.

Nothing like butter and jam on warm bread.

We just recently discovered this line of homemade jams. They are locally made by French people (haha) using traditional French techniques. That's what the store literature said anyway.

There were lots of flavors to choose from, one of which was mango ginger. I would've chosen something safe like mango orange but I was feeling brave and chose with my heart so I chose mango lavender.

Unlike the cheaper brands you get in the grocery where you hardly see fruit and just feel it's flavored gelatin, this jam is all fruit. Not too sweet and the lavender is just such a pleasant complement to the mango. Ahhhh. Perfect. Now I'm hooked and can't wait to try their other flavors. They have 20 now!

And aside from buying ingredients from local farmers, they encourage recycling! One can go to their weekend market booth and turn in the empty jars. 

Check them out here.


The Woman -- blog entry by jhnmyr

Beautiful. You just have to read it. Don't worry, unlike me, he writes really short entries. :)


Eat Your Heart Out, Jason

Oh won't you please check out this adorable little boy. Oh to be young again and have that passion and tenacity. :-)

In case you don't recognize the song, it's I'm Yours by Jason Mraz and here's the original version.

Hey, Soul Sister

Favorite song nowadays. Take a listen. Nice driving music or for walking alone to the coffee shop.

Hope you are all having a great start of the week. xoxo


I Love Lucy

I love that she's put-together in a nonchalant way. One of the best fashion tips I've read is this: make an effort to dress up, check in the mirror before you head out and forget about it soon as you step out.

Very difficult to do but possible. I think the key is to wear what you're comfortable with. Take baby steps when you experiment (one element at a time so you're not overwhelmed). Take pains to put together the look till you're happy with it. If you like what you see in the mirror, close at that and forget about it. Nothing worse than constantly fidgeting, adjusting and checking your reflection every chance you get. So not cool. And so not fun!

Have a great weekend!

Photo from here.


Friday Back To The 80s

Another 80s classic from John Hughes.

And quoting Mrs.Roxy66 who commented on the youtube video:
"When we were innocent, wanting to be in love, and hoping it would be like a John Hughes flick. Painfully sweet..."

Have an awesome Friday!


Book Loot

There's a super sale at Powerbooks and these are what we got over the weekend. I would've loved to browse some more because the prices were just ridiculously low but I was starting to get a headache from being in a crowd. I know, I know... I'm a sale wuss.

Look at how different C and I are when it comes to reading material. Hahaha! He refuses to even touch this lovely Peter Mayle book. And what kind of dreams will you have if the last thing you read before dozing off is about hiring and firing?! Hahaha!



Lately I've been thinking of lipstick. I don't have much makeup because I usually don't put on much, except when I'm meeting a client.

I've survived with a small lipcolor set given to me by an aunt. Plus several tubes that I got as giveaways from events. Which makes me realize I haven't paid for lipstick for several years already! Wow.

I would love to wear the color this girl is using. 

But according to an article I read, the best way to find the right shade for you is to pull down your lower lip and check the color just inside the lower lip. Your lip color should be close to that color. Hmmm.

If I follow that advise, the best color for me would be a soft pink. Some more hmmm... I'm not too sure about that.

I'll have to do lipstick research one of these days.

Photo from here.


Il Pleut

It is raining while I write this. Soft, steady rain.

The neighborhood kids have been herded off into their homes. I just caught the last few minutes of their play noise.

Yesterday was doctor day. I've contemplated the whole day if I should continue chronicling this part of our journey.

A month and a few days ago, when we were at the immunologist's office, a girl said hi to me. She asked if I was Makescoffeenervous. I was surprised. She said she had been reading my blog. It was a sad time for me (I was waiting for miscarriage number 3) but that girl encouraging me to write some more cheered me up.

In case you are reading this, my LIT classmate, I'm saying hi and wishing you are well. I'm writing about this in case you and someone like you will be reading someday.

On to the story.

Our doctor is Dr. Angela Sison-Aguilar. She is an Ob-Gyne and Reproductive Endocrinologist. She was recommended to us by Dr. Lara Aleta, our Immunologist.

So yesterday C and I went to St. Luke's Global. Long but decent line. I like this clinic. It's simple, straightforward and the staff AND doctor are very pleasant.

When you talk to Dr. Aguilar, although you know there is a long line outside, you feel as if you are her only patient for the day. She looks you in the eye when she talks to you. She knows what you are there for (no need to explain at each visit). She laughs well too and we love laughing with her.

Still a lot of unoccupied doctors' offices in St. Luke's Global.

We made these pants! These are my favorite now, along with these weather-beaten loafers. 

After the talk with the doc, we had dinner at Via Mare (sorry no pictures as we were both just starving). Then we walked around and got some dessert and bread from Bizu.

Don't you just love the seating area?

Yes, I am trying to avoid talking about what we talked about with the doc. Haha. I thought I'd entertain and literally sugarcoat with images of pastry and pastels.

Okay. So we can try again. The doc asked us to go for follicle monitoring and I shyly asked if we needed it since I ovulate like clockwork (Yes I do, believe me. I've got 9 years of trying not to get pregnant using the BBT tucked under my belt. I know when I usually ovulate.) She laughed and said no need. And proceeded to give us a list of dates when we needed to do the deed. Hahahaha!

When I get pregnant again, we have to see her right away so we can have the following immediately:

1. Booster lymphocyte immune therapy (LIT) shots
2. Heparin shots (daily for the first trimester)

Heparin is to prevent blood clots. Reading up on this, I found out that blood clots (usually at the placenta, hence blocking nutrients to the fetus) are the body's autoimmune response to infection.

The doctor also said that if I have any spotting, we will have to do IVIg or intravenous immunoglobulin, a blood product administered intravenously.  It contains the pooled IgG (immunoglobulin (antibody) G) extracted from the plasma of over one thousand blood donors. One thousand blood donors?! Can I please have an echo effect here? One thousand blood donors?! 

According to the doc, with my profile, any spotting is bad. Most pregnancy books will tell you that some spotting during pregnancy is normal. Not in my case. 

With the third pregnancy, I had spotting very early on. Had my old doctor been more careful, we could have done something that early. Ah well.

Honestly I feel so tired just writing about this. 

Last night as I was brushing my teeth, I was thinking how incredibly funny that we have to have scheduled sex to do this. Most people, they just have sex and get a pleasant surprise two weeks after. 

But then C put things in perspective (as he always does). Some couples go through worse. 

So yes, I feel that I've been robbed of some innocence in this whole baby-making thing. But I am thankful. And hopeful. 

So doctor's orders: lotsa sex. Our poor neighbors... Hahaha!

Please help us pray for provisions and also that we won't need the IVIg. They cost Php100k a pop. The daily heparin injections are already costly. Thank you.

Little Things I Wish For

To be able to put my hair up in a pile like this.

I can of course put my hair up in a pile. But not THAT high. This requires really long and really thick hair. Unless she's got a tea cup in there. Haha. Happy Tuesday!

Photo from here.


Happiness Is...

...only this separating you from the lovely sun and sky.

I wish you a great week with plenty of sunshine, laughter and surprise kisses!

Photo and a lot more lovely ones from here.


Ba Noi's

We were supposed to go to the OB last night but the doc had to leave early for an appointment. We were very frustrated, to say the least. Plus C had to take care of a tiny emergency at work.

The plan was to go to the OB and go home early to enjoy a homemade oriental salad.

But sometimes our plans just go haywire on us.

Thank God for new places to eat at!

Ba Noi's has been on our mind for a week now. C's officemates have been trooping to this small Vietnamese restaurant for lunch for several days now.

I like Vietnamese food because of the fresh, simple and clean taste.

Perea Street, I discovered, is lovely at night. Quiet and almost homey. You don't even hear the traffic in neighboring Paseo.

There was a waiting list at Ba Noi's but thankfully there's a courtyard outside where you can sit and dangle your feet.

Ba Noi is paternal grandfather in Vietnamese.

In this restaurant, one is encouraged to use the hands and play with food.

And play we did. First we had Fresh Spring Rolls. Great way to awaken the palette. The peanut sauce could be a tad bit more peanut-y but otherwise this dish was good.

Then we had Shrimp Pomelo Salad. As suggested by the little how-to brochure on each table, we piled lettuce, shrimp, pomelo, chicken strips and sweet sauce on the shrimp cracker. I also added some wansoy. This dish was divine.

Then we had Deep-Fried Catfish with Salad Greens. C loves catfish. In Ba Noi, we learned that the best way to eat this dish is to debone the catfish, drizzle the sweet sauce on it and mix with the greens. Or you can also wrap the fish meat with the lettuce and make it like a roll. Yummy.

Eating this type of food, it takes a while for you to realize how full you are. C kept asking if we should order some more. Good thing we didn't! We felt so stuffed and the iced coffee was just a perfect end to the meal. You have to order this one soon as you're seated as it takes a while to make.

We had a great time playing with our yummy food. Ambience is alright. Simple and clean, like the food. Service is great. Food is "to come back for".

Photos by Flexi S. Sarte of clickthecity.com.

Happy weekend everyone! Don't forget to go to church and thank God for His provisions and safekeeping!


Friday Back To The 80s

Funny scene from one of the best movies from the 80s! Have a good one!

Nothe Cliph (UPDATED)

Can't bleathe. Runny nothe.

You underthand?

That is my miserable attempt at telling you about the runny nose I get each time I swim. Each time. Argh.

Thank God for google! I figured out that I might be allergic to chlorine or the water that accidentally gets into my nose is irritating my sinuses.

So, sports nerd that I am, I might check out nose clips.

They're ugly, I know. But according to the articles I've read, it really helps in preventing a runny nose after a swim. In my case, it's not just a runny nose. I sneeze and sneeze and my nose gets soooo itchy. It is so inconvenient and embarrassing. I have to tell people I don't have a virus, I just came from the pool.

I hope the nose clip works. I might be relegated to just my swim time when I get pregnant.

I so love reading sports forums. This was an interesting AND LONG discussion on runny noses after swimming. I love sports geeks!


They don't work for me. Argh. I didn't realize how difficult it is to inhale and exhale just through the mouth. Especially for someone who has been breathing in the pool in a particular way since childhood. For me it's exhale through the nose and inhale through the mouth.

It's probably like learning to write with your left hand when you're right-handed.

Woe is me. I hope I can re-learn my breathing. Or else... who wants a slightly used nothe cliph? Har-har-har.


This Face

I would love to learn to put on eyeliner this way. Just that plus a good tinted moisturizer and pale lipstick.

Photo from here.


Home Office Dreams

When I was small, I used to play pretend office. I would set up my little desk with a notepad, a play telephone and a piece of cardboard I'd imagine to be a typewriter.

I'd pickup the phone and answer customer inquiries or say the boss was out. Haha.

Maybe if I had it my way then, this would've been a perfect pretend office for me. Sans typewriter though.

Don't you just love that vintage watering can?

Today I have a messy desk and really cramped space so I won't hazard to post my real home office table.

But someday when we get to move to a bigger place, these would be my design pegs.

Who wouldn't want to work on a long table like this next to a view like that?

I have a similar set-up of small clothespins. Big colored ones would be perfect for me now to hang swatches and tear sheets with.

I wonder how they ever get to read any of those books... How do you get one out without toppling the whole tower?! I have two towerettes by our bed and it's a struggle to get a book out at night!

This is definitely a clothing designer's work room. Love the floors and the pink hangers.

And last... work should always be a celebration. A party even! So yes to buntings and Mexican fiesta colors! Do you see the portable sewing machine? :-)

Photo and other photos of home offices from here.


Cheat Day

I had some coffee this afternoon. Had a splitting headache and didn't want to take medicine. The only solution I had in mind was coffee. Sure did the trick! Haha.

Now my head is whirring and filled with new ideas!

On the homefront... I'm soooo glad I am not pregnant this time. Phew. We thought we were! And we're not supposed to get pregnant yet! We would've definitely gotten a scolding had we slipped up. Hahaha.

Seeing the doctor on Friday to know what our next steps are. Excited. Trying not to be afraid.

Little Rewards

As I write this, the sewers and our househelp are having lunch downstairs. I can hear them laughing and exchanging stories.

This pleases me a lot, that they are happy. I somehow feel fulfilled that they can laugh and talk and share stories while they are here. That they are not huddled over work and afraid to make a sound.

I feel that I am doing something right.

That's all for now as I am rushing some things. Hope you are having a great week.


Happiness Is...

... a carefree bike ride with your bestfriend.

Happy Monday everyone! Busy busy busy day and week for me! Here's praying for a great week for all of us! May the weather be fine and may we find time to exercise. Hahaha!

Photo from here.


Getting Back

Went for a swim yesterday. Finally.

Also went for a run last Monday.

I'm glad to be swimming and running again and realize that the worst thing one can do is to totally stop exercising. Exactly what I did when I was preparing for pregnancy number 3. I thought then that slowing down would also relax my body and cause it to accept the pregnancy better.

My new OB told me to resume exercising again. To go back to competition form if I wanted to. Because, according to her, my tactic of stopping didn't help anyway to keep the pregnancy.

So now I'm slowly trying to get back to form. And my oh my is it PAINFUL. If muscles could wail...

As I was doing laps in the pool, I realized how I used to be concerned with speed. Timing my runs and my swim laps, trying to be faster each time. Now I'm just focused on finishing. Haha. Feels good though not to be under pressure. I can just enjoy each stroke or each step and hear the water or the crickets.

Good to be back. Now if only the muscles would stop wailing...


Aging *Hopefully* Gracefully

Lately I've been feeling old. You know that feeling, right? Do you? I'm a few ticks shy of 40 *gasp* and I don't know if I'm aging gracefully at all.

Then I saw this hilarious post and felt better. Hahaha!

Am I the only one who secretly rejoices when she sees an actress who's gotten a bit chubby? Haha. That's how I feel when I see Ashley Judd. I'm glad she's put on some weight and seems more "realistic". Makes me feel normal.

But still, I'd love to lose some weight someday. After having kids maybe. C promised I can get a running coach after I give birth. When that time comes. Woohoo!



Love the legs on this model. Not skinny and boney as most models tend to have. The outfit looks cute too. Imagine the coat for rainy days. :)

Photo from here.



I know we will never forget Jellybean. But I just want something to remember her/him by.

Initially I thought of getting a tattoo. But then C has to be convinced still. So I thought of getting a really nice big chime for the veranda. I had something in mind already but alas it has been sold out.

So unless I find a suitable chime, I just might take the plunge and get a tiny tattoo like this one.

What do you think? Come on, let me know. Don't be shy. :)

Photo from here. I love her blog and her style.


Saturday Picnic In UPD

Got pasta from Kiss The Cook.

Nero for C and Puttanesca for me.

Afterwards we went to Technohub to get a drink. We forgot to buy drinks for our picnic!!!

I love how they've left alone these mighty old trees.


Dive In!

Saw this today and thought how cool it would be to swim in a lap pool like this!

It's Monday and after staying up late for Wimbledon and World Cup, I have sore throat. C and I went for a massage last night and I think it backfired on me. I feel like bruised fruit. Haha.

Hope you are having a fine Monday and here's to a good week with lots of joy and pleasant surprises.

Photo from here.


July Inspiration

I love Miu Miu. Always have. Always will. I am such a huge fan of Miuccia Prada. It's like when I see a painting and I know almost certainly if it's a Van Gogh. I see a dress or a skirt and I am almost always sure when it's by Miuccia.

This photo is my desktop wallpaper right now. To remind me that quirky can still look polished.