Home Office Dreams

When I was small, I used to play pretend office. I would set up my little desk with a notepad, a play telephone and a piece of cardboard I'd imagine to be a typewriter.

I'd pickup the phone and answer customer inquiries or say the boss was out. Haha.

Maybe if I had it my way then, this would've been a perfect pretend office for me. Sans typewriter though.

Don't you just love that vintage watering can?

Today I have a messy desk and really cramped space so I won't hazard to post my real home office table.

But someday when we get to move to a bigger place, these would be my design pegs.

Who wouldn't want to work on a long table like this next to a view like that?

I have a similar set-up of small clothespins. Big colored ones would be perfect for me now to hang swatches and tear sheets with.

I wonder how they ever get to read any of those books... How do you get one out without toppling the whole tower?! I have two towerettes by our bed and it's a struggle to get a book out at night!

This is definitely a clothing designer's work room. Love the floors and the pink hangers.

And last... work should always be a celebration. A party even! So yes to buntings and Mexican fiesta colors! Do you see the portable sewing machine? :-)

Photo and other photos of home offices from here.


Anonymous said...

someday. :-)


makescoffeenervous said...

So this is what you were doing last night. :)