The Fruit Garden

This was our breakfast last Sunday. Focaccia bread from Bizu and this mango lavender jam from The Market.

Nothing like butter and jam on warm bread.

We just recently discovered this line of homemade jams. They are locally made by French people (haha) using traditional French techniques. That's what the store literature said anyway.

There were lots of flavors to choose from, one of which was mango ginger. I would've chosen something safe like mango orange but I was feeling brave and chose with my heart so I chose mango lavender.

Unlike the cheaper brands you get in the grocery where you hardly see fruit and just feel it's flavored gelatin, this jam is all fruit. Not too sweet and the lavender is just such a pleasant complement to the mango. Ahhhh. Perfect. Now I'm hooked and can't wait to try their other flavors. They have 20 now!

And aside from buying ingredients from local farmers, they encourage recycling! One can go to their weekend market booth and turn in the empty jars. 

Check them out here.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not too fond of jams but I'd say those French(???) guys know what they're doing. Bon zuperrrrr :-)