Nothe Cliph (UPDATED)

Can't bleathe. Runny nothe.

You underthand?

That is my miserable attempt at telling you about the runny nose I get each time I swim. Each time. Argh.

Thank God for google! I figured out that I might be allergic to chlorine or the water that accidentally gets into my nose is irritating my sinuses.

So, sports nerd that I am, I might check out nose clips.

They're ugly, I know. But according to the articles I've read, it really helps in preventing a runny nose after a swim. In my case, it's not just a runny nose. I sneeze and sneeze and my nose gets soooo itchy. It is so inconvenient and embarrassing. I have to tell people I don't have a virus, I just came from the pool.

I hope the nose clip works. I might be relegated to just my swim time when I get pregnant.

I so love reading sports forums. This was an interesting AND LONG discussion on runny noses after swimming. I love sports geeks!


They don't work for me. Argh. I didn't realize how difficult it is to inhale and exhale just through the mouth. Especially for someone who has been breathing in the pool in a particular way since childhood. For me it's exhale through the nose and inhale through the mouth.

It's probably like learning to write with your left hand when you're right-handed.

Woe is me. I hope I can re-learn my breathing. Or else... who wants a slightly used nothe cliph? Har-har-har.


Anonymous said...

found this entry interestingly cool, and the writer mind-blowing funny.


makescoffeenervous said...

thank you, thank you! :)

Anonymous said...

yeah love your own in action hahaha.