Spicy Sandwich Maker


Mama, I made you a sandwich!

Wow! What kind?!

A spicy one. 

What's in it?


What kind of sauce?

Tomato sauce. 

Hahahahaha!! Ang saya lang talaga. Thank You, Lord!


Sick Days and Little Hearts


Rafa hasn't been feeling well lately. Coughing and stuffy nose. Fitful sleep and lots of crying. As a result we haven't been sleeping well also. 

Last night after his Dada brushed his teeth, he went to me for some cuddle time. He said:
"I'm shooting hearts at you, Mama. The hearts become smaller and smaller until they can fit into your blood and the hearts go to where you need love."
For me, sick days are never easy. No matter how many times I've been there. The fever watch. The cranky and crying fits. Both us and Rafa. 😁

I'm grateful for God's help through days when we feel most inadequate. 

And grateful for sweet words when we need it most. ❤️


Dinosaur Age

We are now in the dinosaur age. Hahaha. 
Rafa is also learning how to read and write now. By God's grace, he seems to enjoy reading and writing, and a bit of adding and subtracting. 

He recently turned four. Praise God! I will write about that soon. 

I am so late with new technology but I just installed a new blog app and hopefully it will make posts more frequent. 

Thankful for those who still read this blog and those who've asked me to continue writing. 

Praying we will honor God in what we share here. 

God bless you! Have a good day!