Red Lipstick by Skint and Demoralised

Favorite song this week. Hope you'll like it. Kinda reminds me of the simple rhythms of the New Wave music I grew up on.

Training Log: 15 Sept. Interval Training at ULTRA

Been BUSY!!! Ack! And the rain hasn't been much help either, in terms of training.

But finally, the weather cleared up last Tuesday.

Went to ULTRA early because we had dinner with friends that night. Trained alone, with some help from Coach Sarge. Torture but very fulfilling.

2K warm-up
stretching and drills

Main event: 3(3x400m)
2 min rest after every 400m and one lap walk after every set.

I don't have a stopwatch so it was Coach Sarge who timed me.

For the first set I ran alone so I don't have the times for those.

For the 2nd set, it was 1:50, 1:49, 1:51

For the 3rd set, it was 1:51, 1:52, 1:44

C registered me for 10K for Power Run next Sunday. I asked Coach Joar if I'm okay to do 10K next Sunday, despite having been on break for three weeks. He said stick to 5K but alas I've been registered. So he said, just run to finish. I said, Coach, that's what I always do... just run to finish. Hahaha.

Excited but dreading next Sunday too.


Septembrrrr Night

I just lighted candles in our little veranda. The typhoon has passed and it's not so windy anymore. The windchime is silent but there's a brisk air about.

I love candles and I love lighting a couple in the veranda. These are my top two favorite candle holders:

A see-through jar that seems from the 70s:

And two jam jars that hang from the ceiling:

Sit with me and let's listen to Billie, Ella, Marvin, and Nina. Throw in a bit of The Hollies and Tower of Power.


One night when the drapes in our veranda were still new, I lit candles and heard the neighbor's kids talking from the veranda across. They couldn't see me, just the light of the candles through the flimsy drapes.

I guess they were wondering what was behind the drapes and what the candles were for because their elder brother (about 12 years old) said: Ewan ko, baka may bathtub.



Sound Trip #11

Been listening to this over and over. Heard it on the radio last night and I just loved it instantly.

The real video can't be embedded but please do check it out here.

I love that they're a little cuckoo. :) We all need a bit of cuckoo.

I hope you are having a great week.



Two close friends are pregnant. One of them just found out yesterday.

I am so excited for them. Was so eager even to suggest some preggy-friendly toiletries I discovered that time I was pregnant.

I remember how C and I had been soooo very careful we wouldn't get pregnant. We felt we weren't ready. We felt we liked our present setup and didn't want to change things just yet. Then we got pregnant. It took a while to get used to the idea and to like it. Eventually liking led to loving it.

Then we lost it. It just wasn't meant to be and it was a good way for us to know we were ready for a change.

Now I can't remember wanting anything as bad.

But I'm learning to wait and hoping it'll just sneak up on us one sunny day.


Our Dining Area/Sewing Area

The house is messier than ever. Hahaha. These are Manang Linda (grey-haired) and Shiela. Manang is the sewer and Shiela is our helper who is trying to learn how to sew too. Shiela is eager to learn because according to her, ang sewer: "naka-upo lang, may pera na". I wanted to throw a ball of fabric at her. Hahaha!

Cardboard Bunnies

C's boss sent these to me yesterday.

I am sooo glad the boxes aren't edible. I get to keep them forevahhhh!!!

Notice they even have a pop-out tail! How cute is that?!

I love small thingies. I have a lot of little animals, seashells, a miniature double-decker bus (one of only 2,000 made!), ribbons, small notes, small boxes, buttons and a Zidane action figure! You know what to get me for Christmas! :)


Training Log: 28 and 31 August

28 Aug

They canceled the run clinic last Friday due to rains. And as always, the moment they canceled it, the rain canceled itself too. Haha. On Coach Joar's advice, I ran 6K on my own. Would've wanted to run more but Kim was waiting for me.

31 Aug

C and I had planned to run on Sunday morning, to make it a regular thing. But we had stayed up late on Saturday and thought it best to just rest on Sunday.

Monday, no one was mentioning anything about running. Haha. Lazybones.

But Coach Joar texted me in the afternoon about raising funds for the differently-abled athletes and he was excited to talk about his plans. Excited enough to invite us for an evening jog in UP.

No escape.

We just did 8.8K around the Acad Oval. Coach timed it and said we clocked 45min. I couldn't believe it. That's 5.11min per Km. To think we were talking the entire time. I guess we got really caught up in the discussion. The differently-abled athletes are a big inspiration.