Septembrrrr Night

I just lighted candles in our little veranda. The typhoon has passed and it's not so windy anymore. The windchime is silent but there's a brisk air about.

I love candles and I love lighting a couple in the veranda. These are my top two favorite candle holders:

A see-through jar that seems from the 70s:

And two jam jars that hang from the ceiling:

Sit with me and let's listen to Billie, Ella, Marvin, and Nina. Throw in a bit of The Hollies and Tower of Power.


One night when the drapes in our veranda were still new, I lit candles and heard the neighbor's kids talking from the veranda across. They couldn't see me, just the light of the candles through the flimsy drapes.

I guess they were wondering what was behind the drapes and what the candles were for because their elder brother (about 12 years old) said: Ewan ko, baka may bathtub.


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