Training Log: 28 and 31 August

28 Aug

They canceled the run clinic last Friday due to rains. And as always, the moment they canceled it, the rain canceled itself too. Haha. On Coach Joar's advice, I ran 6K on my own. Would've wanted to run more but Kim was waiting for me.

31 Aug

C and I had planned to run on Sunday morning, to make it a regular thing. But we had stayed up late on Saturday and thought it best to just rest on Sunday.

Monday, no one was mentioning anything about running. Haha. Lazybones.

But Coach Joar texted me in the afternoon about raising funds for the differently-abled athletes and he was excited to talk about his plans. Excited enough to invite us for an evening jog in UP.

No escape.

We just did 8.8K around the Acad Oval. Coach timed it and said we clocked 45min. I couldn't believe it. That's 5.11min per Km. To think we were talking the entire time. I guess we got really caught up in the discussion. The differently-abled athletes are a big inspiration.

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