Two close friends are pregnant. One of them just found out yesterday.

I am so excited for them. Was so eager even to suggest some preggy-friendly toiletries I discovered that time I was pregnant.

I remember how C and I had been soooo very careful we wouldn't get pregnant. We felt we weren't ready. We felt we liked our present setup and didn't want to change things just yet. Then we got pregnant. It took a while to get used to the idea and to like it. Eventually liking led to loving it.

Then we lost it. It just wasn't meant to be and it was a good way for us to know we were ready for a change.

Now I can't remember wanting anything as bad.

But I'm learning to wait and hoping it'll just sneak up on us one sunny day.


GINA said...

Thess and I want this badly for you as well! We really hope you get what you wish for. =)

makescoffeenervous said...

Thanks, Gins! Really appreciate the good wishes. :)