Training Log: 15 Sept. Interval Training at ULTRA

Been BUSY!!! Ack! And the rain hasn't been much help either, in terms of training.

But finally, the weather cleared up last Tuesday.

Went to ULTRA early because we had dinner with friends that night. Trained alone, with some help from Coach Sarge. Torture but very fulfilling.

2K warm-up
stretching and drills

Main event: 3(3x400m)
2 min rest after every 400m and one lap walk after every set.

I don't have a stopwatch so it was Coach Sarge who timed me.

For the first set I ran alone so I don't have the times for those.

For the 2nd set, it was 1:50, 1:49, 1:51

For the 3rd set, it was 1:51, 1:52, 1:44

C registered me for 10K for Power Run next Sunday. I asked Coach Joar if I'm okay to do 10K next Sunday, despite having been on break for three weeks. He said stick to 5K but alas I've been registered. So he said, just run to finish. I said, Coach, that's what I always do... just run to finish. Hahaha.

Excited but dreading next Sunday too.

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