Getting Back

Went for a swim yesterday. Finally.

Also went for a run last Monday.

I'm glad to be swimming and running again and realize that the worst thing one can do is to totally stop exercising. Exactly what I did when I was preparing for pregnancy number 3. I thought then that slowing down would also relax my body and cause it to accept the pregnancy better.

My new OB told me to resume exercising again. To go back to competition form if I wanted to. Because, according to her, my tactic of stopping didn't help anyway to keep the pregnancy.

So now I'm slowly trying to get back to form. And my oh my is it PAINFUL. If muscles could wail...

As I was doing laps in the pool, I realized how I used to be concerned with speed. Timing my runs and my swim laps, trying to be faster each time. Now I'm just focused on finishing. Haha. Feels good though not to be under pressure. I can just enjoy each stroke or each step and hear the water or the crickets.

Good to be back. Now if only the muscles would stop wailing...


Sheila Armstrong said...

The water makes me forget I'm living in this slightly aged body. I feel like a kid again.

makescoffeenervous said...

So true! :)