Lately I've been thinking of lipstick. I don't have much makeup because I usually don't put on much, except when I'm meeting a client.

I've survived with a small lipcolor set given to me by an aunt. Plus several tubes that I got as giveaways from events. Which makes me realize I haven't paid for lipstick for several years already! Wow.

I would love to wear the color this girl is using. 

But according to an article I read, the best way to find the right shade for you is to pull down your lower lip and check the color just inside the lower lip. Your lip color should be close to that color. Hmmm.

If I follow that advise, the best color for me would be a soft pink. Some more hmmm... I'm not too sure about that.

I'll have to do lipstick research one of these days.

Photo from here.

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