A Year In The Life: 10 March

One of the first things we did when we moved in to this house 10 years ago was spray paint our bedroom windows for privacy and artsy. I love how the colors change brightness with the morning light to afternoon light.

Been soooo busy. Praying to find an affordable yet accessible space we can rent soon. We need to move the shop from our ground floor to a REAL space.

Oh I also had blood extracted last week. Results should be out this week. Hopefully acceptance levels have improved. My "classmate" in the LIT sessions is now in her 13th week and the immunologist said she can "graduate" from the therapy. We had the same unchanged results in our first blood test. But doc says everything's okay. So happy for her!


GINA said...

Good luck!! Will pray for good results!

makescoffeenervous said...

Thanks, Gins!!! :)

Have a safe and super super fun trip!!!