Ordinary Days

Since I became more regular in posting on this blog, it kinda feels like having to produce a daily paper. Haha. Sometimes I feel bad if I have nothing to post. But there are just days when there is absolutely nothing interesting going on. Not that I'm saying that all the things I talk about here are interesting. Haha.

So anyway... I was feeling kinda blue over the weekend. It started with missing the Friday running clinic. I hate missing clinic days. I'm a creature of habit and I love being part of a training schedule.

Just stayed home Saturday and sulked. I usually sulk when I feel I haven't accomplished anything. Aside from not going to the running clinic, I am also waiting for the sewer to send me samples of the new stuff we are releasing soon. The wait for these samples usually puts me on edge. I can't wait to see the new stuff and also feel anxious if the sewer will get it right or if we'll have to rework again. So sulking Saturday it was. Usually sulking leads to pigging out. I dragged C to 7-Eleven at almost 11pm, where I got Selecta Coffee Crumble (the one they are advertising now on TV -- I am also a sucker for food TV ads) and a bag of Jack N Jill (did I spell that right? is it 'N' or '&'?) Potato Chips (I am crazy about potato chips).

So there I was scarfing down ice cream and potato chips late, late at night in front of the TV. Temporary relief. C promised we'd run the next day. Just not early morning.

So last night we ran in UP. Did one round for warm-up, stretched, then ran 4 rounds. Not bad. Although I had a watch with me, I didn't mind the time. I just wanted to run and enjoy the cool, earthy-smelling night air. Loved looking at the shadows in the trees above us. Loved recognizing the potholes and knowing which path to avoid and how to properly run over a particular hump. Some humps are higher than the others and it can be jarring to the knees so it's good to pay attention.

I usually just run 5k and last night was 11k, counting the warm-up. It felt good to be able to run that distance and not be dying at the end. I plan to run my first 10k in March so I really need to get more comfortable with running for a longer time and running longer distances. I need to figure out too what pace will be comfortable for me. The pace that won't make me feel I'm not pushing it, but also the pace that will let me finish without walking. That is my most basic running goal: to run without stopping nor walking.

While running last night, I got to thinking about hydration during long runs. Since I only run 5k in races, I don't usually stop at water stations. I used to but found it just ruined my pace. But now that I'm going to try 10k, I'm thinking if I should really stop at the water station to hydrate or is it okay to still do without it? I have friends who have that hydration belt bag. The one with several small bottles all around. I can't imagine running with that thing. Seems distracting. I have yet to figure out my hydration solutions and I need to do so soon.

So anyway... that's what happened to me over the weekend. Nothing truly exciting. Just a bout with the blues, a junkfood rescue and a rewarding run in the end.

Looking forward to this week. My samples are arriving tomorrow (oh please!!) and there's run clinic too! Yippee!


Anonymous said...

hi mcn, take advantage of the water stations during your 10k....you say you do 3:50 reps with your 800's? dare say you'll run an hour, more or less, for your first 10k...hope your samples turn out right...your blog is a sleeper...still underground-ish...won't be surprising if it gets mainstream soon...write on!

makes coffee nervous said...

hi anon. thank you for the tip and thank you for the kind words. i think you are the only person reading my blog (i am assuming you are the only anon commenting on my run entries), not counting my husband. haha. but thank you. glad you read what i write. i hope you find entertainment in it. :) aside from running and designing, i love writing, so i will write on, whether someone reads or not. :)