All Hail The Runners' Calves

Most families have an outstanding physical feature. Some have big butts (hehe), some have great eyes, some have Boticelli-like faces. My family... we have big calves.

I used to hate my legs. I ran in high school and as a consequence, my already predisposed calves grew to their full potential. They shrank a bit when I got to college because I had stopped running. When I got married and got a bit older, I learned to accept my body and all its imperfections. I threw caution to the wind and reveled in shorts, mini skirts and dresses.

But at the back of my mind, I knew my legs were not as nice as I'd hoped they were. They would always be muscular. When I'd ask C about them, he'd say, "Well... let's just say they aren't your best assets". Gee, thanks for the vote of confidence! Haha.

Now that I've started running again, my calves have happily and steadily adapted. Oh, adapted they truly have! They are now back to their full glory. One of the coaches even told me that "konti nalang legs na ng runner talaga yan". Hay. As if that were something I'd be happy to hear.

I have to accept that my calves will always be well-defined. It's still not shorts season so I don't know how confident I'd be in them with these calves. And what about those cute short skirts? Drool... Ah well. But what I do know is that when I run, I rarely think of how my calves look. Heck, I am seldom aware of how I look (there have been many times when I'd reach the washroom after a run and my hair would be so messed up it looked like a nest). I'm just so into the run and the feeling and the sensation in my legs and chest as I push some more.

After a run, I'm quite sure my calves look humongous. All that exertion and blood pumping into those muscles. But who cares, right? I don't. All I care about at that moment is that I finished and I used everything that I've got in me to finish well. Big calves included!

P.S. Kate Moss has big calves. Heehee.


Anonymous said...

most of the elite women's players have great calves...sharapova...safina..etc

weckl said...

you write so well. hehe. btw, didn't know kate moss has big calves. and she doesn't even run haha. cheers to runner's calves!

makes coffee nervous said...

true, true. for me, big calves are my badge of honor. mark of how hard i work at my chosen sport. :)

makes coffee nervous said...

weckl, thank you. and yes, kate has well-defined calves. you should check next time you leaf through a fashion glossy. and who knows, maybe she runs! great workout!