Running Log: Nike Running Clinic @Ultra; 24 Feb

Recovery week so we just did 5x400m warm-up and a whole lot of drills and core and back exercises.

I kinda felt bitin afterwards. Not used to not feeling spent after a run clinic. I saw too late that some of the boys were doing a cool down run. By the time I saw them I had already scarfed down a big pan de sal that was given for free by Casa Marcos (our clinic's so cool, not only do we have free water and Rush, we now even have free pan de sal!).

Went home feeling kinda blue. After a while you get used to running hard. I'm surprised at how I miss long runs. Wow. I'm really so attached to this sport. That's nice, isn't it?

Maybe I should run tomorrow. Just a bit. I asked some of the coaches is this is okay since I'm running my first 10K on Sunday. They said I can. Just an easy run of 5K would do. Will probably do that if my schedule permits.

I feel kinda sluggish and sad. Weird. I should probably just hit the sack and run tomorrow morning. Good night y'all!

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