Running Log: Nike Running Clinic @Fort; 13 Feb

This was a good day for me. :)

Warm-up 1.2K

For the main event, had a choice between 8 rounds of the small loop which is around 5k or 7 rounds of the big loop which is 8.4k.

At the last moment before the 5k group was about to start, I decided to do the 8.4k. I was the last of the pack as they started earlier than the 5k group but I didn't mind. I love running alone and at my own pace.

Coach Jo-ar encouraged me to go for the big loop and I'm glad I did. This time I ran with my shuffle. I think the music really helps for long runs.

Coach Jo-ar was at the drink station and kept on cheering me on. I think I paced myself well because on my last round, upon Coach's prodding, I did an extra small loop, or 800m more, putting my total to 9.2k. And I wasn't dying at the end! Woohoo!!!

I'm so happy. I thoroughly enjoyed this run and couldn't help but grin at some parts of the run because I was just so giddy. Finally I was running for the sheer pleasure of it.

I think I'm ready to finally move to 10k in the races. I think my dream of going for 10k in March will come true. :)

Oh! A happy valentine's day to you all! Hahaha! We don't really celebrate valentine's day but we're happy for those who do! L'amour c'est bon!


Anonymous said...

Curious, mcn. How long you been running?

makes coffee nervous said...

hello anon! i was in my high school's track team. long distance events. but that was eons ago. ran on-off in combination with badminton maybe 5 years ago. stopped due to a patella problem. resumed running november last year. and you?

Anonymous said...

okay, that's good. it's not like you're starting from scratch. long distance events even. that should be an advantage. so it should be easier for you than one who was never into sports and just starting into her mid-30's and up. i've been running for more than 10 years and thanks to james fixx, jeff galloway and timothy noakes.

makes coffee nervous said...
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makes coffee nervous said...

wow, more than 10 years! i have a loooong way to go. i will google those names. i was never quite so serious with running till now. i didn't even pay attention to my times in high school, sadly.

thanks for reading my blog, anon.

makes coffee nervous said...

thanks for sharing those names, anon. just googled them and the materials on and by them online are treasure trove of info and inspiration. i like jeff galloway's blog. thanks again!