Miss Clumsy's Funny Face

I met up with a friend today for some bonding over prune walnut cake and side-by-side pedicures. I got to the coffee shop first and alas, it was closed. I was sooo hungry from not having lunch so I zeroed in on some Selecta Chocolate Cornetto at the mini grocer beside the salon, which is also beside the coffee shop. As my friend was parking, I was finishing off the ice cream. She was starving too so we went back to the grocery store to buy some stuff to munch on while having our pedis.

In the salon, I ran into an acquaintance who was getting a hot oil treatment. I felt self-conscious because she's the type of girl who's always well-groomed and poised. I, on the other hand, am clumsy (dropped my bag of chips on the floor and scattered Oishi prawn crackers all over) and terribly shy. I felt particularly more self-conscious today because I had fixed my hair differently. I just usually have my hair down and loose or in a ponytail or in a loose, messy bun. Yes, I like looking messy, or, as my bestfriend calls it, (hair that is) strategically out of place.

Today, I felt creative (happens when I've just had caffeine) and added a bow to my usual messy bun. I placed a dark green checkered ribbon around my head and tied it into an uneven bow at the very top. So it's like a headband with a ribbon on top. Kinda going for an updated 60s vibe.

So anyway... I was feeling self-conscious about the bow. But soon enough I forgot about it. Had a nice time chatting with my friend, drove home, checked email, ate some chips, set the alarm for the total lunar eclipse happening tonight, went to the bathroom to wash my hands after eating chips, and ACK!!!! ACK!!!

I am not in the habit of checking myself in the mirror often as some girls do. So imagine my shock when I saw just now that I have
dried up chocolate ice cream framing my mouth!!! From the ice cream I ate before I met my friend and before I ran into Miss Pretty and Poised. Four long hours ago as I write this!!! ACK!!! ACK!!! Hahahaha! How embarassing!!! And I was trying to appear relaxed and confident while chatting with Miss P&P! No wonder she looked like she was supressing a laugh (or a snicker, perhaps?) as we were catching up. Ayayay! Woe is me. Hahahaha!

This sort of thing happens to me. A lot.

There was one time, a loooong time ago, fresh out of college. C and I were having dinner at this pizza place (we made that pizza place rich because we'd eat there at every pay day! haha). The thing then with lipstick was matte and dark. Shades like raisin, plum, etc. You get the picture. So anyway... I had lipstick on that night. After gorging on pizza (yes, there is a pattern here... I eat a lot and then embarass myself), I asked C if I still had lipstick left. He said yes. So cool. That saves me from going to the washroom and elbowing out the girls in front of the mirror.

I don't know where we went after having pizza but it was a Friday night for sure and we might have met up with some friends. It was a full night. I get home and, for the first time that night, see myself in the mirror. ACK!!! ACK!!! Oh yes I do have lipstick on! But only on the outline of my lips!!! Imagine dark, raisin lipstick lining pale lips. I felt (and probably looked) like Joker!!!

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