Featured Today: My Wind Chime

This is my wind chime.

It hangs in our veranda, my favorite place in our house.

I've always loved wind chimes. A long time ago, when we weren't married yet, C gave me a ceramic wind chime with colorful pieces of sun, moon and stars. The tinkle of that chime was wonderful. Happy and deep. That chime kept me company in the room I was renting when I was still single. It moved with me to this house when we got married. I nearly cried when it crashed to the ground and broke during a terrible typhoon. By that time its bright, happy colors had faded and it had become grimy and weather-worn. It was time for it to retire, I guess.

It took a while for me to find a replacement chime. I'm very picky. I don't like the garden variety metal chimes they sell at almost every home store. They all look and sound the same.

I found this little beauty in Muji in Hong Kong early last year. I fell in love with it the first time I held it up and listened to its tinkle. I wish I can let you hear the sound it makes when the wind blows through our veranda. It's deep and yet full of joy. It's not chirpy like my old wind chime. This one is more grown up, more settled, with a deep joy bubbling from deep inside. Usually it makes just one tinkle. Then a pause. Then another soft tinkle. Softly announcing: the wind is here. The wind is playing in the veranda, come out!


Anonymous said...

hi mcn, wouldn't it be nice if you can put on the sound of your chimes in your blog?

makes coffee nervous said...

hello anon. i'm not blog-savvy yet but i will definitely put that idea in my to-do list and get on it as soon as i figure out how to. would love to share the shy tinkle of this sweet chime of mine. :)