Running Log: LSD @UP; 18 Feb

I had to haul myself to UP. Super tinatamad earlier and it was so warm this afternoon.

But I'm trying to really follow the training plan. How else will I be able to run 10k in March if I don't?

Here's what I did:

2.2k warm-up
5x2.2k or 11k in 1hr 11mins.

It was tough at various points. I ran alone and with no music so it was kinda challenging to keep focused and entertained. :) And my legs weren't fully recovered yet from yesterday's intervals. My shins are still painful. And boy did I feel like walking at some points. But I just pushed and pushed. Played my own coach and told myself: "it's okay, you can slow down..." or "it's okay, we'll get some new legs when we reach the front of FC..." or "it's okay, just two more..." and it worked. My favorite "coaching" words were "we'll get some new legs when we reach FC or the Engineering building". Haha. Crazy, aren't I?

But yep, I'm happy I stuck to the program.

The only thing that's worrying me is that I don't stop for water breaks on my long runs. I find it too much of a hassle to go to the car for water. I have to resolve this soon. I'm up for 10k on March 1.

But overall, I had a good, happy run tonight. :)


GINA said...

Hi!!!! It's me, gina! I was checking facebook earlier and saw your wall note on the high street running route (thanks!). And then I happened to see your blog address on your info folder.

wow, may blog ka rin! this is so incredible and funny. i have a blog too (thekickgalvanic.blogspot.com), and as i was reading your entries tonight, i realized how much "blog time" you and i spend writing about running. hahaha! we are so obsessed.

your training program is incredible! and you're doing great! i always knew you'd be ready for 10K soon; runner ka talaga, and I'm glad you went back to running. =) good luck! and at least i have a new blog site to read regularly now. =)

(by the way, i'm not sure if i'm supposed to greet you by your real name or not. haha.)

Anonymous said...

if i were to count the number of rounds you ran, it would be 6. i'd count the 2.2k warmup haha. i'm giving it 3months max and i'd be eating your dust :D


makes coffee nervous said...

hey gina!!! hahaha! glad you stumbled (or ran into? haha) my blog. i haven't "revealed" myself yet... still thinking about it. haha.

and yup, obsessed is not a strong enough word! hahaha!

thanks for reading my blog! will add yours to my reading list as well. :)


weckl... in terms of mileage i think i can count the warm-up. but not for the main run. warm-up is important! you should try it. haha! and if you train regularly, i think you'll always be the bunny to my greyhound. ;)

Anonymous said...

intervals yesterday and an hour-long run today makes me nervous mcn

makes coffee nervous said...

hello anon! you are now my resident run advisor. if you are the only anon commenting on my run logs...
i appreciate the advise i'm getting from someone who's been running more than 10 years.

really, makes you nervous? but it's what's stated in the nike running clinic schedule. we have assigned long, easy runs the day after intervals. is this bad? i am a bit worried too as my shins have not been pain-free for some time now and i have been icing them after each run. committed "athlete" that i am, i've been ignoring the pain and thinking my legs are merely adjusting, gaining muscle strength. bottomline is i want to follow the training schedule because i think that's the only way i can improve and have less soreness after runs.

would appreciate your advise. thanks. if you have a blog, do share!

Anonymous said...

hi mcn, many schools on training. i come from the school that emphasizes heavy base training, a minimum of 6 months to a year of easy 20-, 30-, etc. minutes of running before even tackling more structured forms of training. i'd like to think we're into running for life. why rush? enjoy the journey.... let your sore shin heal muna, hope it gets well soon. btw, get dr. timothy noakes the lore of running. the bible of running.

makes coffee nervous said...

hi anon! thanks for the tips, as usual. i will try to balance your advice with the program i'm on. i'm a very good student in that i follow the curriculum to the best i can. but i do recognize that i may be rushing my body too much and on that i have to take full responsibility. i need to listen to my body.

it's fortunate that my shins heal fast. no more soreness now actually.

to the credit of the nike coaches, they did conduct an assessment run for all of us before we started with the program. so i guess they know what we are capable of. i also tell them whenever something is painful so they are familiar with our weak spots too.

i'm just saying i'm deeply grateful for all the running wisdom and encouragement i get from the clinic, from you, and from my running buddies who read this blog.

hope you'll keep reading and keep giving feedback!

have a good run this weekend!