Summer Stories

Summer is here. C is napping topless and although the AC is on high, I still feel beads of perspiration on my back. "Parang hininga" ang lamig ng AC sa araw na ito.

Would be nice to hit the beach with old friends, sip super cold Coke under a huge umbrella, munch on chips and exchange stories about years gone by.

That's just my way of introducing a little story I'm writing. Haha.

I was recently reminded of this guy I dated very briefly in college. He's in a rock band, and although I haven't seen him for a very long time, I catch glimpses of him and his life on tv and in newspaper features.

Although nothing came out of our little dating game, I think it makes for an interesting slice-of-life story.

I don't know if you saw that Twilight Zone episode where this man discovers that he can keep his aging mother alive by telling her bedtime stories that he cuts at the climax, only to reveal to her the ending the following night, before he starts on another story that gets continued the following night. Well, this is how I'm going to tell this story. (Gina, if you're reading this, feel free to correct my punctuation. I am getting confused! Haha.)

I don't know how long it'll take to tell. I won't tell you when it'll resume. I don't even know when I'll be in the mood to write about it again. The next installment will just appear one day on this blog. So you'll have to keep checking, if you want to see how the story ends. :)

Here's The Telling of The Story of S

It was in my sophomore year when I met S. I was walking down the steps of AS that lead to FC. There were a couple of fraternities that hung out along the ledge of those steps. S belonged to one of those frats.

I can’t even remember now my classmate who was S’ brod. What I do remember is that my friend stopped me to say hi and introduced S to me.

This is what S said:

“Uy, brown ang eyes niya!”

Now how weird is that, right? From that alone I knew he was a weird one. I don’t remember how I responded to what he said. Knowing me, I had probably just giggled nervously and lowered my eyes. In short, nagpa-cute ako. Hahaha.

I am telling this story because I think it’s something worth sharing. I also want to write it down now while I can still remember a lot of things about that time. Someday I'm sure the details won't be as vivid.

I look back to this memory with fondness and feel that it is one of the moments in my college life that best reflects that time – how we were, how silly and clumsy I was (I still am!) and how I should’ve paid more attention, jotted notes and kept memorabilia. Haha.

...to be continued...


GINA said...

Haha. Just read this. Paragraph 6 is kilometric, but it's exactly like listening to a storyteller. =P

So when's the next installment, Sheherazade?

makes coffee nervous said...

believe it or not, i had to google Sheherazade. i haven't read The Thousand and One Nights! i should! it wasn't part of our reading list in high school. so this is where that Twilight Zone episode is from. coolness. thanks, gina girl!

next installment... i kinda regretted writing about it. baka it's not of interest to anyone. but i guess i should, since my main purpose for this blog is to keep an account of things. just in case i decide to have kids someday. :)

will write about it soon. abangan ang susunod na kabanat. :)

GINA said...

Haha, as long as your hubby doesn't object to your stories about past dates, it should be okay, right? (hi, C!) =P

Ako na-intrigue sa story mo. Maybe cos I'm such a big fan of A Thousand and One Nights and other books with similar formats like The Decameron and Canterbury Tales (sorry, I'm such a nerd). Haha. So hopefully you'll post the next installment one of these days when you're free. =)

makes coffee nervous said...

hahaha, yeah, C doesn't mind. he's extremely secure. :) buti nalang.

and yes, you're such a nerd!!! hahaha! but that's always good in my book.

will definitely post the next installment. hopefully i can finish the story before summer ends. :)