Running Log: Nike Running Clinic @Ultra; 3 Feb

Coach said last week (our recovery week) that we were going to be dead meat this week. He was right. Anticipating the punishing routine he had in store for us, I took rest really seriously last week. I only ran twice and really ate and ate. Haha. Yeah, I know, I just used this an excuse to eat again. What's a super takaw girl to do?

So anyway... tonight we did 2K warm-up, stretching and drills. Then hello there 4x800! Waahhh... Thank God for the 3-minute breaks in between 800s.

I have to admit that each 800, I would constantly stop the urge to just stop, walk and walk-out. Haha. Really tiring, despite my promise to myself to just take it easy and just go at an easy pace.

Here are my times:
1st 800m - 3:55
2nd 800m - 3:50
3rd 800m - 3:50
4th 800m - 3:50

On my second 800, I couldn't believe I had shaved off five seconds. And after doing all four, I couldn't believe I kept a steady time. Despite feeling more tired after each set. I could swear my time would go down. Hmmm... Does this mean my body's really adapting faster? Wow! I hope.

What I'm sure of is that I recover faster now. Last year, I wouldn't have the energy to watch TV or have a decent conversation with C when I got home after a night in ULTRA. Now, not only can I converse and be funny, I can actually consider running early morning right after ULTRA. Amazing! Thank You Lord!

So there. That's my run for today. Hope you had a good run too today and will have good runs throughout the week!


Anonymous said...

hi there. how about the following splits for your 800's? First quarter at 57 secs., 2nd quarter at 1 min 55 secs, 2.52 and 3.50.

makes coffee nervous said...

hi! so i guess this means i have to start fast, go a bit slow, maintain and then pick-up speed at the last 200, right? it means i will have to invest in a stopwatch. hahaha! i haven't really picked up running gear except shoes and outfits. i kinda don't want the pressure of constantly checking my time but thanks for the advice. i will keep this in mind. you must be a running coach or you have been running seriously for quite a while. thank you for visiting my blog.

Anonymous said...

no no, you make coffee nervous, the splits are meant to make you run the 800's or whatever distance at an even pace. try it, it'll make running intervals more fun. hitting each quarter at your target. takes the guesswork out of running a 3:50 800 without monitoring your splits.

makes coffee nervous said...

oh... okay, got it. will definitely try this. thank you for the tips!