Sound Trip #1

I think I'm starting to develop "departments" in my blog. It's nice to see it evolve and develop some sort of structure.

Would like to share with you today two versions of one of my favorite pieces: Pachelbel's Canon. I'm sure you've all heard it. It's a favorite wedding piece. The version I have of it in my iPod is by Bond.

I give you first the rock n' roll version (keep an open mind; give it a chance; new experiences are good; appreciate the love that went into it):

Wonderful take on this classic. I rarely hear rock versions of classical music and I was quite pleased with this rendition.

Now listen to the version by the London Symphony Orchestra (same bits of advice and encouragement as with the rock version; I don't know what type music you like).

Please pay attention to the horns at the end. Beautiful, isn't it?

I love both versions; they serve different purposes. The rock version to me is something I'd listen to when driving in an open road. The orchestra version is something I'd like to listen to alone in a quiet place where I can close my eyes and just let the music envelop me. Cue tears here. Hehe.

Hope you enjoyed this little side trip!


Anonymous said...

variety is the spice of your blog, makes it intresting :)

makes coffee nervous said...

oh thanks, anon. :) just really sharing stuff. no expert opinion on this blog. just really sharing. glad you find it interesting. :)

GINA said...

I totally agree with you. Canon in D rocks. I went through a stage where I wanted to learn the violin, and I imagined myself playing Canon in D.

I still daydream about it, haha. One of those things I guess I have to try before I die. =)

makes coffee nervous said...

Wow, would be cool if you learned the violin and played this! At your own wedding? Hahaha! Just kidding!