Running Log: LSD @High Street; 15 Feb

C and I decided to run at High Street tonight instead of UP. I like High Street because the pavements are even (UP Acad has a banking pavement, cause of a shins problem I had before, according to one of the coaches), although I miss the trees and the earth-smelling air of UP. Ah well, we can't have it all.

Did one big loop (1.2k) for warm-up. Stretched. Did 8 laps around the big loop and one lap of the small loop. Total 10.4k (if I have my measurements right). We finished in less than an hour. I really don't know now if the measurements are right and if we counted our loops correctly. But who cares. The run was well-paced and we really felt so good afterwards.

The only thing that bothered me was the swoosh-swooshing in my tummy. Hungry C had banana-cue before we left the house and I had two bites. Bad. I don't usually have anything solid 3 hours before. Ah well.

We split salad and pasta at Stock Market afterwards. And my FAVORITE key lime pie. YUMMY!

So happy with my last two runs. I hope I really get to enjoy my first 10k race in March. Don't know which to join yet. But right before my birthday would be good. :)

Well, time to ice my shins now! Good night and a good running week ahead to us all!


weckl said...

i think running in up is still better than high street. trees, air, nostalgia. though dinner after is a no contest haha.

makes coffee nervous said...

yes, dinner AND dessert after a run in high street is something to beat. if only choc kiss would update their menu.