I Heart Coffee

Here's a really cool article about the LOVE OF MY LIFE... good old fashioned, no holds barred, kick-ass caffeine in a cup, mug, paper cup, demitasse or teaspoon. What will I do without you, my dear coffee?

Illustration above is by the illustrator who wrote the article, Christoph Niemann.


Anonymous said...

...like you say, cool, mcn. i heart coffee too. by the way, what is, are your coffees?

makes coffee nervous said...

hello anon! my absolute favorite coffee is a tie between illy and frango chocolate mint coffee. illy i still get to enjoy but the frango coffee... i don't know if they've discontinued it. someone just gave me a bag before and it was love at first sniff and sip. all the things i love in the world in one brew: coffee, chocolate and mint. just add running shoes and goggles and i've got all i need. haha.

i love illy because it's bold, smooth (not bitter) and really wakes me up.

we can't have illy all the time at home so we alternate between starbucks sumatra blend, gourmet coffee hazelnut and whatever can or bag some kind friend gives us. :)

i love ucc too but they seldom have their beans or ground beans available in grocery stores.

so my top 3 favorites (not counting frango): illy, ucc and lavazza.

how about you?

Anonymous said...

not necessarily in this order, mcn, great taste coffee granules, great taste 3 in 1 extra strong, benguet blend, barako and dunkin donut coffee. the best instant coffee i've tasted is blendy. brought in by a niece from indonesia. bottoms up :)

makes coffee nervous said...

thanks for sharing! i haven't tried great taste. i will definitely try it. i've tried the nescafe 3-in-1 extra strong and liked it. i love barako too. someone once gave us a really potent barako blend. we'd take a sip of it in the morning and i swear, our eyes would involuntarily pop out. haha. that's how strong it was. cheers! i'm having my first cup of the day as i type this. gourmet's coffee hazelnut. it's really good. not sissy coffee.

GINA said...

Because I'm such a huge coffee fan myself, I simply have to post a comment here. I love coffee! I canNOT get through the day without it.

My dream job after UNICEF would be a coffee taste tester or whatever you call it. Hehe. I once sniffed Annie Rosario's cup of starbucks drip coffee and without tasting or looking at the cup details, i immediately said, "guatemala, medium. nutty, cocoa taste." nanlaki ang mata ni annie. Haha.

But yeah, my all-time favorite starbucks blends would be sumatra and yukon. if either of those are the coffee of the day when i buy my latte, i always feel that my drink is extra delicious. =P

argh. you and i can talk about coffee the whole day.

makes coffee nervous said...

gina, you are absolutely insane! hahaha! i don't think i can sniff out a coffee ever. that's really a major skill! and you should seriously think of pursuing something on the side with that! on the side, okay? haha!