My "Pretend Me" For The Week

Although I am immersed in fashion everyday, it is seldom that I see something that I love so much it makes me want to throw up. It's just literally my gut reaction to something I can relate to so much. Yeah, yeah I know... It's just fashion. It's just a pretty outfit. So much drama, no? Haha. Sorry.

Anyway... here's one such ensemble from Boy by Band of Outsiders. I LOVE THEIR WHOLE FALL 09 RTW COLLECTION!!! Style.com writes that this collection is "inspired by the chic French student revolutionaries in Godard's La Chinoise" and features "straightforward basics with a twist".

If I could have one look for myself, and all the nice fabric and creativity to put things together, I would dress myself up this way, every single day.

I would go up to you in my fitted but comfortable navy jacket and grey cropped tailored pants and yellow peep-toe, spectator-ish lace-ups, shake your hand and invite you for tea. With milk and muscovado. Haha.

I'm sooo happy today. Just because I saw this collection. Ahhh... Pure joy.

Click here for the entire collection. I am really nauseated. Ack!

Photo by Don Ashby, borrowed from Style.com

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