Sound Trip #2

Ennio Morricone is one of my favorite composers. Sharing with you Gabriel's Oboe, from the OST of The Mission. I know it's a bit dramatic but I always always always get weepy when I listen to this.

This one I think is meant for listening while being still.

For the first video, try to just listen. Don't watch the screen. The drums really go: HEAR ME! I AM HERE! Which version to do you like? And please don't say the short one. Haha!

Mr. Morricone is one of the persons I want to meet someday and shake hands with. There was a news report a few years ago of a riot outside one of his concerts in Chile. People were fighting one another to get in. Can you imagine that? :)


weckl said...

morricone causing a riot? haha. wow, he must be more than a rockstar in south america.

makes coffee nervous said...

which reflects on the excellent taste of the people in that country. i just googled it. it was in Chile. how cool are the Chileans! :)