Training For A Marathon

One of my running goals is to run a full marathon before I'm 40. Another is to run in a race outside the Philippines.

Here's a video that gives me inspiration for both goals. I'm sure it'll inspire you too.


Anonymous said...

mcn, good luck on your marathon goal. :)

makes coffee nervous said...

thanks, anon! and thanks for reading my blog. :)

GINA said...

Let's run The Great Wall of China marathon!! Haha.

Seriously though, i want to do that 5-10 years from now. Or any marathon for that matter.

Grabe, it would be really cool to join one. Like the Singapore marathon, which Dodong, one of our new drivers in the office, joined a few years back. I think he did a half-marathon. *Sigh*

It's nice to have new goals. =)

GINA said...

By the way, mcn, i just KNOW you can achieve this goal. =)

makes coffee nervous said...

Gina, you and C have far more faith in my running abilities than I do. Hahaha! But yeah, it would be great to run a half in two years? And a full after two years more? Hahaha!