First Swim

Yesterday was my first day at the pool this year. I don't think I've gone swimming since October.

I felt I was in no shape to do laps and told my friend I'll just dip and enjoy the sun. The air was humid but the sun kept hidden most of the time. It only came out as my friend and I were standing thigh deep in the water, psyching ourselves for the icy plunge. It was as if the sun was coaxing us, warming us up, convincing us to go for it.

Finally dove in (more like splashed clumsily in actually. hehe.) and wow, it was like diving into ice water. Really. Nothing else to do but swim. Or freeze. So I made my first lap across the pool. Felt nice. Hit the other end and went for another lap. I didn't stop. I couldn't. I didn't even count how many laps. I just swam and swam and swam and swam. It was exhilarating to be in the water! To breathe in and out, much like running but in a different way.

At first my strokes were heavy. I was adjusting to the water. Soon after I felt light and wasn't fighting the water but letting it carry me, just minding my strokes, feeling light as a feather as my arms and legs propelled me lightly but swiftly forward. It was pure bliss and I couldn't help but smile in the water. Yes, I do smile in the water when I do my laps. It just happens. It's not something cheesy. It's just realizing how easy it is to move forward, being carried throughout the length of the pool. Like a princess. Princess of the water. I'm sure you understand what I mean. And yes, this blogger is a bit loony. Hehe.

Had to stop at some point because had to get home before 3pm.

There is a village mini mart near the pool. They sell fish balls and squid balls with really yummy sweet and spicy sauce. After rinsing and changing into dry clothes, my friend and I headed for the fish balls stand. Glutton that I am, I had an order of fish balls and an order of squid balls. Swimming in sweet, spicy sauce. YUMMY!

Bought some mangoes for the house and went home happy as can be. Next week, we will try running after the swim.


Anonymous said...

mcn, can you really smile under water? the only time i open my mouth is to suck in air hahaha.

makes coffee nervous said...

hey anon. yes of course you can! just smile while blowing air out of your nose. i don't know how to explain it better. it just happened to me naturally. haha. also, aren't there a lot of underwater photos where the subjects are smiling? try it!