(UPDATED) Running Log: RUNew 5k @McKinley Hill; 22 Feb

News fresh off the track, legs still throbbing. Haha.

I loved this race. I still had a difficult time sleeping last night but I woke up this morning feeling happy and ready for the race.

The dreaded McKinley Hill. Coach Rio kept teasing/scaring us in the running clinic that we'll have moments in the run where our knees will be hitting our faces, due to impossible inclines.

Good to prepare mentally for such things. I was really prepared for serious hills and was very calm in tackling each uphill (and downhill) part. Calm for the uphill and not overzealous with the downhill parts.

I was very conservative in this race. Just kept to an even pace and just aimed for a happy run and relaxed finish. I don't think this will yield my new PR but what I like about this race is the realization (finally) that I am ready to tackle 10k.

I remember my first 5k and how tough it was. This wasn't exactly a breeze for me but I've proven to myself that I can keep to my pace despite the temptation to run after faster runners. I know for sure that I've improved since that first 5k and it's a good time to try 10k. I can always go back to 5k if that proves to be too much.

Major insight from this race: one of the best things after a race (aside from a good breakfast) is changing into dry clothes. :) Heaven.

Just sharing... I just realized that I forgot my wet run clothes in Jollibee at The Fort and we now have to go back and retrieve them. Nakakahiya!!!

Good, well-organized race. Congrats yet again to RUNRIO!

UPDATE: The results are out. Clocked 28:51 (not my PR) but I'm still happy because I didn't lose wind. LOVED today's run. Except someone stole my sweaty sports bra!!! How weird is that?! The guys from Jollibee found my running clothes in the washroom. Everything except the sports bra! Crazy!


GINA said...

Congratulations! Your record in this race is fantastic. =) The only blight on your success is the missing sports bra. =P


makes coffee nervous said...

hey gina! thanks! and yeah, i'll miss that bra! that was the only one i had! paano yan, bra-less nalang? hahaha!

yes, botak! my first 10k. C promised to run with me at my pace so i won't get discouraged. :)

see you there!

GINA said...

10K will be a breeze for you, if you've been doing 11K training runs already. =) My first 10K (VSO last Nov) was tough for me because I didn't have formal training for it; I just ran. Urk.

See you at Botak. I'll do 5K first. But for the March 22 Condura run, I'm planning to do the 10K because I really want the chance to get on the Kalayaan flyover. Haha. But on the succeeding races, I'll go back to 5K. I just want to experience running on the flyover. =)

makes coffee nervous said...
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makes coffee nervous said...

Waahh... I hope so. Will just take it slow. Glad C will keep me company.

Yeah, Condura and those elevated routes. Coolness! I hope Botak doesn't discourage me to continue doing 10k so I can do Condura 10k too. :)

See you Sunday!