Running Log: UP Academic Oval; 4 Feb

I decided last night that I would try to follow all the prescribed training activities of the Nike Running Clinic. Click here to check it out.

Part of the week's schedule is an easy jog on Wednesdays of 7K to 12K, depending on your level. Since the start of the clinic last year, I haven't followed this schedule. I did try to run or swim on Thursdays but couldn't stick to that either.

Now that I can manage my schedule again, I decided I could give the other training activities a shot. I started with the Wednesday run-on-your-own.

Woke up 5am, was in UP by around 5:20. Did one round for warm-up, stretched and started my main run, being careful to take it really slow. I wasn't sure if my form was right. I felt clumsy and heavy going slow and also still feeling stiff after last night's training.

I had ambitioned to run 5 rounds or 11K but I realized after 2 rounds that I just couldn't hack it. Too big a jump from my usual 5K and occasional (once a month at most) 10K. So I settled for just 3 rounds or 6.6K. That didn't feel so bad and I was even able to double my pace on my last 200m. My time for 6.6K -- 43min. Really slow. Hopefully next Wednesday I can add another round.

UP is so beautiful that early in the morning. And I don't know what today's activity is but going into the campus, I saw several calesas. I can just imagine going around the campus in calesas. That'd be fun! They should do that for Valentine's day! Haha.


Anonymous said...

most runners seem to be obsessed with numbers including me. gotta run this much distance, this much time...it would be good to go for a run one of these days without a watch. easier said than done.

makes coffee nervous said...

i used to run just for the sheer pleasure of it. but joining a running group made me more mindful of improving (hence the focus on distances and times). i think it makes sense though because we all need to have goals with whatever it is we do.

but yes, we should also take breaks and just enjoy the run and not think of the numbers. healthier for the body and the soul.