First 10K - fastbreak post

Just got back from DocFit. My first 10K. I'm so grateful for C who ran beside me and endured my slow pace and crankiness in the last stretch.

My goal was just to finish. I was hoping to finish in 58min or times two my 5K PR. But I wasn't so confident during the entire run.

Just really took it one stride at a time.

I knew I was really slow but I pushed it a bit in the last 1K because I didn't want to be beaten by this pretty young actress. Hahaha!

So when we were nearing the finish line (and I was gulping air like a mad woman), I was so surprised to hear C say that the timer said 56 something. So I tried again to sprint some more and I think we crossed the finish at 57:05. Whew. UPDATE: my official time is 57:07

Happy I finished the run. Thankful for C's patience. Will write some more about this later. Need to elevate legs. Right shin was a bit painful at the start of the run.


Anonymous said...


makes coffee nervous said...

thanks, anon!

makes coffee nervous said...

oh, i'm not saying magaling nga ako, okay? just saying thanks for saying that. but i'm not magaling. :)

GINA said...

Anong hindi magaling? You finished strong!

I hope to work my way up to that kind of pace eventually. Here's wishing! =)

makes coffee nervous said...

hahaha! gina, hindi talaga. i know that. just really benefiting from good training from great coaches. yun lang talaga. :)