Sound Trip #5 and Happy Monday!

Some years ago, a trumpet player friend sent me a track that was meant to cheer me up and satiate my craving for trumpets and more trumpets.

A few months after I received that track, I was browsing in Tower Records and met the band responsible for that track! One of the band members came up to me (a cool, burly, jazzy, African American guy) and said hi. I got the band to autograph my copy of their CD. They kept calling me "sugah". Hahaha. I wish I were cool enough to sound cool saying "sugah".

C and I ended up to be the youngest folk to watch them at PICC the following night. Hahaha! The things C puts up with for my music tastes. I won't tell you about that time he watched/sulked at/slept through Ronan Keating's concert. Hahaha!

So anyway... that track is called Grazin' In The Grass and I give you the Friends of Distinction version (they're the band I met at Tower Records) as well as the original by Hugh Masekela. Enjoy and happy Monday!!!

"... the sun beaming down between the leaves..."

Can you dig it, baby? :)

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