Running Log: LSD; 3 March

Nike Running Clinic was moved to tomorrow. Ultra not available today.

Decided to run on my own tonight. Dapat this morning but when I was heading out our door it started to rain. Sooner or later I'll have to face the rain but I wasn't ready for it today. Soon!

So tonight this is what I did:

2.2K warm-up
11K slow jog (1hr 11mins) with 3 water breaks spread out

I'm happy with tonight's run. It's still not a breeze doing 11K but it's certainly not as tortuous as before. Slowly but surely, and hopefully injury-free.

Nice to see so many runners. Iba-iba ang style. And I notice the guys really take pains to splash on some perfume or cologne. Minsan sobrang lakas ng amoy. Sorry... Hahaha! But really, some people need to tone it down because it kinda distracts. Gag-inducing na. :)

But it's definitely a good time for running. So many people getting hooked! Hooray!

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