Running On

I don't know if that title sounds right. It's like a runny nose or a run-on sentence. Haha.

I've not been posting running logs lately. I haven't stopped running nor training. It's just that I've become less concerned with the numbers but more concerned with the quality of my runs and making sure I keep any injuries at bay.

I've been running since November last year and it feels much longer than that. My stiff knees in the morning when I go down the stairs are testament to how I've put my heart and soul into this. I know I'm hooked. For life.

I still keep a notebook running log just to record my mileage but I will stop blogging about each training day. Will save the online running log for race days and other milestones.

I think it's a fitting thing to do also because the Nike Running Clinic will be ending in April. There are talks of making us an official club but they haven't announced anything yet. Honestly I wish they'll organize us into a club or if they won't, I hope the guys I've been training with since November will want to continue meeting as a group so that we can train together. It's definitely much better to be in a group.

Next race for me is the Condura Run on Sunday. Doing 10K. C's doing his first half-marathon! Woohoo!

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