Condura Run Race Results

The results are out. Check them out here.

I just find it strange that my time is better in the race results list (56:58) than what I clocked when I was under the race clock (57:40). When do they record our times, when we cross the finish or when we enter the chute? Weird too that one of my run mates is lower on the list than me, when I saw her cross the finish ahead of me. Hmmm... I hope the race organizers correct the list before they publish on Sunday.

I'm just elated to be in the top 200 overall for 10K. Wow, never in my wildest dreams... :-)


Anonymous said...

stop trying to be too modest haha. you did well. top10. not bad. i'm happy for you. :-)


makes coffee nervous said...

haha. love your own talaga! :)

GINA said...

yeah, i don't get it either. why is my published result better than the race clock time? does our bib have some fancy embedded tracking chip that we don't know about? Haha.

Scary. I don't want to see the Sunday issue of Philippine Star. Parang bar exam results. Haha.

makes coffee nervous said...

saw some comments too in thebullrunner's blog about the inaccuracies in the times posted. i hope the organizers took note.

and yes, parang bar exam results! sa haba din! hahaha!