Everything's Amazing and Nobody's Happy

Sharing with you this clip. What a breath of fresh air. Louis C.K. is an Emmy Award-winning American stand-up comedian, writer, actor, producer and director.

P.S. I still remember having a black rotary phone. I'd try to help it along by trying to push the dial back so it'd go faster. But I realized that the connecting was what was really slow. Even when you've pushed the dial back, you still hear the tic-tic-tic of the connection traveling to wherever it's supposed to go. Haha. And do you remember having a party-line? We had one!!! "Party line, pwedeng paki-baba?" Insane!!! Hahaha!


GINA said...

Haha. Yeah, a friend of mine shared this clip. My favorite part is the bank and credit card segment. "And when you run out of money, you just go 'well, I can't do any things now.'"


makes coffee nervous said...

I know!!! How uncomplicated things were before.

Kinda still that way for me though in the shopping department. I don't have a credit card. Can't be trusted with one. Haha. So when I run out of cash, the game music stops. :)