Been a busy day. And now I'm all wired up and can't sleep.

Went to the fabric store and left swatches of my choices. I hope all of them are still available. I can't wait to see them as belts, skirts and shirts. Sooo excited.

I saw one of the contestants of Project Runway Philippines in the store. I can't remember his/her name. The gay guy who looks like a girl. She/he was very nice. We smiled at each other. I wish I were skilled in the art of small talk. Hindi talaga. Sayang. Alangan naman I throw her an essay (here, read this! see my wit!)?! (Conversation with self: What wit?! Nasaan?!)

Got groceries too as we are starting to subsist on pan de sal and taho. Hahaha! Not that those aren't good. We just are a rice-eating household. We get tantrums when we don't eat rice. :)

Been talking to my friend who's setting up my business website and I'm hoping he'll soon find the time to do it. The wait is killing me. But I know there is a perfect time for everything.

Meanwhile, I am dreaming of the beach. Here's a picture of C and me in Boracay two years ago.

Soon enough I should show my face here already. What's the point of all this secrecy anyway? I don't know. Haha.

I just noticed... C's calves look smaller than mine! Ack! Hahaha!

I should get some sleep. It's past 1am.

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